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The UN Forum on AIDS (UNFA) is open to all partners participating in and contributing to the AIDS response in China, including representatives from government organizations, private sector, national and international NGOs and foundations, PLHIV, the UN and other bilateral and multilateral development partners.

The topics discussed in the forum are decided by the Core Management Team (CMT) members based on the priorities and issues relevant to the national response on AIDS. The facilitation and management of the UNFA rests with the CMT coordinator. UNAIDS serves as the secretariat of the Forum. To increase information exchange and dialogue, the meetings of the UNFA shall be chaired by different individuals from within or outside the UN China, in line with the topics to be discussed. The CMT coordinator in consultation with the CMT shall invite individuals to chair a specific meeting of the UNFA.

The purpose of the UN Forum on AIDS is to promote more coherent support to the national response on AIDS and effective scale-up towards universal access to AIDS prevention, treatment and care in China through active information sharing among all relevant stakeholders in China. It serves as a platform for information exchange and dialogue and encourages stakeholders to participate in an effective response against AIDS in China. The functions include:

  • * To exchange information and experience among stakeholders invovled in the response to AIDS in China;
  • * To advocate political commitement to a joint, multisectoral and expanded response to support national leadership and coordination of the AIDS response;
  • * To facilitate/broker partnerships between government/nongovenmental organization/civil soceity/bilateral agencies/private sector;
  • * To advocate and promote international best practice.


The UN Forum on AIDS is organized once every two to three months. The meeting announcements and related information will be posted on the website of UNAIDS, and will be sent to interested partners one week ahead of the meeting via e-mail.

The UNAIDS Secretariat will summarize the meeting and the minutes will be shared electronically with meeting participants and also posted on the UNAIDS China website and UN China website.

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