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Strategic Information Resource: Women and Children


The purpose of this Strategic Information Resource is to provide an overview of the key sources of strategic information on prevention and treatment approaches focussing on women and children in an easily accessible format. Documents and resources listed are considered by UNAIDS to constitute the most authoritative and comprehensive sources of information on this subject.



I.              Global policy and programming guidance


1.     Agenda for Accelerated Country Action for Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV, UNAIDS 2010

2.     Agenda for accelerated country action for women, girls, gender equality and HIV. How civil society, governments and the UN system can together create an effective response: A briefing note for action by communities, UNAIDS 2010

3.     Global Plan towards the Elimination of New HIV Infections among Children by 2015 and Keeping Their Mothers Alive, UNAIDS 2011

4.     We can prevent mothers from dying and babies from becoming infected with HIV, UNAIDS 2009

5.     Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating Pregnant Women and Preventing HIV Infection in Infants, WHO 2012



II.             Best Practice and Experience Documentation – (International and China)


1.     Promising practices in community engagement for elimination of new HIV infections among children by  2015 and keeping their mothers alive, UNAIDS 2012

2.     Community Innovation: Achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls through the HIV response, UNAIDS, Athena, 2011

3.     Community Peer Support for HIV Positive Women in China, UNAIDS, UNICEF 2011



III.            UN Technical Support contacts


a)    In-country (China)


UN Women: Ms. Julia Broussard, Country Programme Manager


Address: 2, Liangmahe Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Telephone: (8610) 8532-0932

Fax: (8610) 8532-0903

Email: unwomen.china@unwomen.org




UNAIDS: Mr. Mark Stirling, Country Coordinator


Address: 2-8-1 Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building, 14 Liangmahe Nanlu, Beijing 100600

Telephone: (8610) 8532 2226

Email: china@unaids.org




b) Global


UNAIDS: Dr Jantine Jacobi, Head of Gender and AIDS Team, UNAIDS Geneva

Address: 20 Avenue Appia, Geneva 1211, Switzerland


Telephone: (+41) 22 791 36 66


Email: JantineJ@unaids.org



IV.            Other technical resources


1.      UNAIDS Publication Database

2.      Report on Situation and Response Analysis of HIV Spousal Transmission in Selected Provinces, NCAIDS China, UN Women, UNAIDS, 2012




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