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The UNAIDS team has a coordinating and facilitating role in China, but also takes an active role in advocating for involvement of a range of sectors in the response to HIV including non-health sectors. UNAIDS hence works to mobilize pertinent stakeholders and sectors as well as assist in raising resources to fund and support AIDS activities implemented by partners. By creating partnerships with organizations and individuals from a wide range of sectors, UNAIDS creates synergies and strengthen the response to HIV.

UNAIDS in particular brings together the efforts and resources of the UN organizations active on AIDS in a partnership that aims to help mount and support an expanded response. However, UNAIDS also creates important strategic partnerships with other stakeholders.

Among the sectors with which UNAIDS has built solid partnerships in China are:

• The Government of People’s Republic of China

• Civil society organisations including organisations of people living with HIV

• The Global Fund

• The private sector


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