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Senior Policy and Strategy Advisor  
Address: 2-8-1 Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building,
14 Liangmahe Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Tel: (8610) 8532 2226 ext. 95478
Fax: (8610) 8532 2228
Email: chigwederep@unaids.org



Dr Pride Chigwedere is a Global Health Expert who has experiences that range from clinical medicine and research, through public health policy and management strategy, to political and diplomatic negotiations. He trained in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School, did General Medicine Residency at the Harare Central Hospital, followed by specialized training in Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the Harvard AIDS Initiative while obtaining a PhD at the Harvard School of Public Health. He then worked for McKinsey and Company in New York, serving the leading global pharmaceutical and medical products corporations, before moving to UNAIDS. Within UNAIDS, Dr Chigwedere began as Coordinator for Universal Access for the Eastern and Southern Africa Region, then moved to become Senior Advisor to the African Union, and is currently the Senior Policy and Strategy Advisor for UNAIDS China. He has vast knowledge of Africa encompassing the substantive health needs and priorities, as well as its structures and processes – the African Union and its Organs, Regional Economic Communities and other regional mechanisms, and the 55 Member States.

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