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  • Fast facts about HIV (click here to read) 

    What is HIV? What is AIDS? What are the symptoms of HIV? When does a person have AIDS? How quickly do people infected with HIV develop AIDS?


  • Fast facts about HIV prevention (click here to read)

    How is HIV transmitted? Can I get HIV from casual contact? How can you limit your risk of getting HIV through sex? How effective are condoms in preventing HIV? What is a female condom? Is it ever completely safe to have sex with a HIV-positive person?  How can health-care workers help to prevent transmission in health-care settings?


  • Fast facts about HIV testing and counselling (click here to read)

    What is a HIV test? How long after possible exposure should I wait to be tested for HIV? Why should I get a HIV test? Where can I get tested? Are my test results confidential? What do I do if I have HIV? What does it mean if I test negative for HIV?

    source: UNAIDS Headquarter website

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