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As business leaders are well placed to build AIDS awareness and to mount prevention and treatment programmes among workers and their families, UNAIDS pays considerable attention to its cooperation with the private sector.

All businesses interested in contributing to reversing the AIDS epidemic can make its own contribution to the AIDS response - based on its size, type of workforce, geographical range, financial strength and core capabilities. UNAIDS cooperate with individual companies as well as groups of companies alike.

“AIDS will be with us for generations to come. Its impact on business is likely to grow. It is essential that the business sector becomes a fully engaged partner of the global response to AIDS for the long term.“

- Dr Peter Piot, UNAIDS Executive Director.

Partnerships in China
In China, UNAIDS has well established relationships with the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria China (GBC China) as well as individual members of GBC China.

UNAIDS is also a partners in the GBC related China HIV/AIDS Media Partnership (CHAMP), a coalition of media related businesses aiming to address the urgent need for greater public dialogue and understanding of AIDS in China.

The CHAMP partnership is action orientated and specific in nature.

* In cooperation with CHAMP and UNAIDS, Renmin University have undertaken a large multi-city survey investigating knowledge and attitudes with regard to HIV, particular with regard to stigma and discrimination and individual risk assessments.

 * CHAMP is developing a number of public service announcement (PSAs), which will be published through the channels (broadcast as well as web-based) available to the partnership.

Future Strategies
Upcoming activities will include deepening and broadening UNAIDS’ cooperation with the private sector, increasing the number of companies involved in these efforts and broadening the scope of activities undertaken by the business sector in support of HIV prevention, treatment and care.


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