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Since 1996, UNAIDS has been working closely with China’s government at all levels, to support and strengthen the response to AIDS. The response in China is essentially led by the Government, which has been strengthened considerably since 2003 with increased allocation of resources and political commitment at the highest levels. A multi sectoral coordinating body the State Council AIDS Working Committee office (SCAWCO) has been created to ensure that all ministries and departments of the Government at the Central level are engaged in the AIDS response. This office is located within the Ministry of Health and nominally coordinates all activities involving non-health entities.

UNAIDS supports the achievement and of ‘three ones’ – one coordinating authority, one action plan and one M & E system in the country. This becomes particularly important in China as a number of externally funded projects operate in many provinces of the country and coordination and harmonization becomes a challenge. UNAIDS used the CRIS data base  to document all externally funded projects and shared this with the government to help better utilization and coordination of external assistance. UNAIDS has built up the partnerships with Ministry Education, Civil Affairs, Sports, Public Security and departments of information etc in addition to Ministry of Health, in our endeavour to promote an expanded response in the country. UNAIDS is also working with Central Party School and Party Schools at provincial level for leadership development, which help government officials understand the importance of HIV prevention and control and actively support and participate into AIDS response.

We have a number of specific activities on which we collaborate with the Government:

* Formulation of the Five year action plan (2006-2010) and the National M & E framework – in the context of ‘three ones’ 

* Consultations on the AIDS regulations for China 

* Partnering Ministry of Sports and BOCOG for AIDS awareness and anti stigma activities during Beijing 2008 Olympics. 

* Documentation of externally funded projects on AIDS in China.

* Estimations and projections for HIV in China

* Capacity building and building partnerships between Government and  NGOs

* Coordination of UN support to  Government and civil society to improve overall efficiency

Future areas of collaboration:

* RCC and Grant Consolidation proposal with the Global Fund and in promoting evidence based programme management

* Assistance in drawing up a costed national strategic plan with wide consultations.

* Further improving quality of strategic information and sharing.

* Fine tuning the working of Global Fund CCM and improving methodologies of electing representatives

* Help create civil society networks and build their capacities

* Tracking achievement of targets for Universal access.

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