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The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) was created in 2002 to finance a dramatic turnaround in the fight against the three diseases which together kill over 6 million people each year.  As of August 2008, the Global Fund has committed 11.3 billion USD to 136 countries to fight these diseases. Over 200 million USD has been committed to China for AIDS alone so far.


Partnerships in China
UNAIDS China office has a close partnership and supports the Global Fund and its in-country partners, especially the China Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in several areas, including supporting the Fund’s full grant cycle – from the development of AIDS grant proposals to programme implementation to monitoring and evaluation.  Bernhard Scwartlander, UNAIDS Country Coordinator, is currently the CCM Vice-Chair.

Grant proposals: UNAIDS assists the China Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) as needed in developing AIDS proposals for consideration by the Global Fund.  China will submit a grant consolidation of its existing four Global Fund grants through Round 3 Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC), at the end of 2008.  The consolidation will enable the national HIV/AIDS program to move away from a project management approach towards a programmatic approach and allow a scale-up of Global Fund activities and could secure large-scale programme funding until 2015.  UNAIDS, as the CCM Vice-chair, has been tasked to oversee the grant consolidation process providing strategic guidance and technical assistance to the Chinese government throughout the process.

Programme implementation: UNAIDS provides the technical support needed to implement AIDS programmes funded by the Global Fund, and works with CCM to resolve implementation bottlenecks. In particular, UNAIDS also strengthens CCM and AIDS programmes by ensuring the meaningful participation of civil society.

Monitoring and evaluation: UNAIDS supports the Global Fund in monitoring and evaluating the performance of its grantees through strengthening the capacity of principal recipients and sub-recipients to report on grant implementation.

Technical Support: UNAIDS provides the China CCM with strategic knowledge, policy advice and technical expertise on AIDS to ensure that the funds are spent effectively.  UNAIDS China office acts as a clearinghouse for high quality technical assistance, providing norms and guidance, ensuring that technical assistance adheres to agreed standards, and providing operational tools as agreed within UNAIDS’ Division of Labour.  Specific areas where UNAIDS provides technical support include:

* Identifying implementation bottlenecks and problem solving

* Provide constructive reviews and comments on grant performance for results-based sustained accountability

* Strengthening governance of CCM

* Assisting in preparing the second renewal of grants phase (Phase 2)

* Promotion of linkages between Global Fund supported AIDS programmes and national strategic planning

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