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Experiences No 7: Good for You, Good for Me | Download
Keywords :Experiences, IDU, injecting drug users, huxianghao, PSI, PWID, PUD, Yunnan, detoxification, community
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Population Services International China’s head office is headquartered in Kunming, the capital city of southern China’s Yunnan Province. In 2007, Yunnan had a cumulative total of 57,325 HIV cases amongst its population of almost 45 million and thus has the dubious distinction of being the Chinese province with the greatest number of reported cases of HIV. Bordered by Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos and located along major drug trafficking routes from the infamous “Golden Triangle” opium producing area, Yunnan is estimated to have over 80,000 drug users who inject heroin. Despite an increase in awareness of harm reduction methods among IDUs in Yunnan, the sharing of needles and other injection equipment remains a common method of HIV transmission in this population. HIV prevalence among Yunnan’s IDUs is over 28 percent, with some prefectures reporting prevalences as high as 75 percent.

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