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Experiences No 6: The Positive Talks Project- Talking Positive about HIV | Download
Keywords :positive talks, stigma, discrimination, awareness raising, GIPA
Published by:UNAIDS, Other organisations and agencies

The Positive Talks project is an innovative initiative to train people living with HIV to act as educational speakers/trainers, building a team of frontline educators who can play a key role in reducing stigma and discrimination from all sectors of society. As the central element of the project, more than 40 people living with HIV, recruited from across China, were trained to serve as trainers and speakers. Those recruited were given intensive training in public speaking, training, communicating with the media, positive prevention, advocacy, anti-stigma and discrimination, and other relevant content. A total of 41 fully trained Positive Talks speakers now hold training sessions and talks for government departments, private sector enterprises, UN agencies, universities, media outlets, NGOs and people in rural areas, where they are also encouraged to share their own experiences and feelings. The sessions help to reduce discrimination against people living with HIV and to bring about positive behaviour change.

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