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Experiences No 5: The Daytop Prevention and Recovery Center for Drug Dependency | Download
Keywords :IDU, injecting drug users, Yunnan, harm reduction, PWID, PUD
Published by:UNAIDS, UNODC, Other organisations and agencies

China has made rapid advances in addressing the issue of drug use and HIV in recent years, and especially in providing services to current and former drug users. These services include HIV prevention, care and treatment, as well as harm reduction services. While maintaining a firm policy prohibiting illegal drug use, China has adopted policies that allow harm reduction and other services to be provided to both current and former drug users.
While most of these services remain within the government system, there are both local and international NGOs working with the Government to reach drug users in a number of provinces. The Daytop Prevention and Recovery Centre for Drug Dependency, an NGO in Yunnan province, started work in 1998 and was the first of its kind in China. Initially a voluntary drug rehabilitation center, Daytop has expanded to provide a range of harm reduction, HIV prevention and other services.

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