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Experiences No 4: Workplace Prevention at Yunxi Tin Mining Company | Download
Keywords :Yunxi, Experiences, migrant workers, migrants, floating population, STI, STD, stigma and discrimination, stigma, discrimination
Published by:UNAIDS, ILO, Other organisations and agencies

As one of the key economic sectors in Yunnan, the mining sector employs a large proportion of Yunnan's working age men, many of whom are migrant workers without legal residence permits (hukou). The Yunxi Tin Company alone employs approximately 28,000 contracted workers and an estimated additional 50,000 migrant workers, a high proportion of which work on the company's mine sites in and around Gejiu. Research conducted by the US National Institute of Health in 2007 and 2008 indicates that the prevalence of HIV and other STIs is increasing at an alarming rate in the area. The prevalence of STI infections amongst miners in Gejiu was reported in 2008 as 1.8% for HIV, 14.9% for herpes simplex, 2.4% for syphilis, 2.1% for gonorrhoea, and 6.5% for chlamydia. Overall, 23.2% of miners in Gejiu were infected with at least one STI.

It is clear that in Gejiu, mine workers constitute an important bridge population for HIV transmission. Levels of HIV and STI infection among the mine workers themselves are also relatively high, further increasing the part they play in transmission of HIV between those in the entertainment industry and the general public.

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