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Experiences No 2: The Hometown Fellows Campaign | Download
Keywords :workplace, stigma, discrimination, stigma and discrimination, education, condom, treatment
Published by:UNAIDS, ILO

There are an estimated 150-200 million Chinese rural residents who have migrated to urban industrial areas to seek work. These migrants have served as the backbone of much of China’s export oriented industrial growth during the last ten years. At their end destinations, migrants face numerous vulnerabilities, such as lack of protection of their employment rights, limited access to social security and reduced protection of their occupational safety and health. They also face increased risk of HIV infection. Most migrants are young, have limited formal education and face challenges in adjusting to life in urban areas. Research conducted through the ILO/US Department of Labor (USDOL) Workplace AIDS Education Programme in China showed that the majority of migrant workers were sexually active but lacked sufficient knowledge on HIV transmission and prevention. In response, ILO created the Hometown Fellows campaign to educate migrant workers on HIV prevention, treatment and care and to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

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